영-중-일 버전

Small Talk & Socializing

Small Talk의 기술과 내용
실재 상황 (특히 비즈니스 ) 에서 많이 쓸수 있는 있는 상황을 재현
한 주제를 Brief-Casul-Expanded-Broad로 확장


(Brief 단계의 대화중에서)

A: Hi Phil.
B: Oh Hi!
A: How are you doing?
B: I’m doing alright. How about you?
A: Pretty good. Did you see the news today?
B: No, not yet. Why do you ask? Something happened?
A: Well, I read in the paper that there was a car accident in your neighborhood yesterday. Is everything ok? Did you notice anything unusual?
B: Yeah, it’s fine.

(강사로부터 메시지가 도착했습니다.)

Not Good!

Try not to only answer the question here. If you want to keep the conversation going, try to talk about what happened and what you know.

(개선된 대답)

B: Oh my god, yes! My wife told me all about it. It happened when she was passing by that corner. When my wife called me and told me what happened, I thought my heart was going to sink. Thank god it didn’t happen to her, but I feel so sorry for the lady who died in the accident.


스몰톡이라는 문화차이를 알게 되었고, 모델을 섭외하여 실사 컷 애니메이션을 대화방식으로 채택, 좀 더 현실적인 상황을 만들었습니다.
고객사, 내부 개발자 모두 열정을 가지고 완성한 과정개발이었습니다.